The holistic interior design approach considers the health of the body, mind and soul when designing an interior. The goal is to achieve and maintain high levels of wellbeing. It is intention driven and person-centred so it considers why you like certain colours, textures and ultimately how you want to feel in your space.

I believe that interior design is the first stepping stone towards holistic wellness and in aligning your interior design with who you truly are at your core, you can create yourself a haven that fully nourishes and supports you.

I know how easy it can be to get off track and push things that are not a “top priority” to one side when you are short on time… BUT…your home environment should be a top priority because it has a direct impact on your mindset, wellbeing and ultimately your productivity!

During the last 2 years, more than ever before, many of us have experienced the truth in this first hand as we were forced to spend countless hours, days and months in our homes… #WFH. Right?

Who can honestly say that they feel as organised and productive when they are sat on the sofa, under a pile of washing, in their pyjamas with the cat walking on their keyboard, as they do when they are dressed looking sharp, sat at a desk in a clean, tidy and quiet dedicated workspace, with no naughty paws reaching for the (digital) mouse? HINT… NO ONE CAN!

This is because our internal and external worlds are reflections of each other. This phenomenon is a yogic philosophical principle or “Niyama” called Saucha. and guess what? It isn’t just your working environment that is affected by this. It is every space in which you dwell. When your space is clear and clutter-free, your mind is clear and clutter free. We all know that a clear mind makes life a lot easier!

This is the essence of holistic interior design. As our lives get busy and we get caught up in the daily grind and the craziness of today’s post-COVID world, having a sanctuary to retreat to is a vital necessity for our wellbeing.

As a holistic interior designer, it is my mission to encourage you to view your environment as a crucial element of self-care and co-create with you, a space that fully nourishes and supports your wellbeing.

Together we will create a space that resonates in a way that propels you forward into a more joyful state of existence so you can take aligned action towards bettering yourself, your life and the lives of your loved ones.

My passion for yoga permeates every aspect of my life and my interior design process is no exception. Yoga is more than just making pretzel shapes with your body in a room full of sweaty strangers, it is a lifestyle choice. When you integrate the teachings of yoga throughout your life, the benefits can be far reaching and affect not just you, but all those around you.

Your energy impacts the world around you so when you take the time to cultivate an environment that supports and nourishes you, you can positively impact the world around you.

Let’s be real, 2020 sucked d*ck and 2021 wasn’t much better. The world is still a pretty weird place right now because of the C-word but the flip side of it is, that there is a zeitgeist happening at the moment and because of our experience, many of us have become open to the idea that interior design is the first stepping stone towards holistic wellness.