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Bedroom Designs For Great Sleep

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How we design our bedroom has a direct impact on the quality of our sleep. Although not many people are aware of the strong connection between the design choices we make in our homes and our emotional and physical wellbeing, they hold an undeniably strong bond.

This blog aims to delve into the ever-important world of sleep and how we can make particular design choices in the bedroom to ensure great sleep!

the importance of great sleep

Good sleep is essential for positive well-being – both mentally and physically. Especially in the fast-paced landscape, we find ourselves currently living in, it’s even more important to rest and reset – and the bedroom is where that tends to happen!

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for the smooth running of our mental health and emotional wellness as well as physical functionalities. 

Not only does lack of sleep make us open to the risk of diseases such as heart disease and dementia, but it can also cause huge mental strains with many people experiencing signs and symptoms of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, due to a lack of good quality sleep.

Great sleep is made up of three crucial components – how much sleep you get, the quality of the sleep and a consistent sleep schedule.

how to design your bedroom for great sleep

First off, let’s ask this key question… How does your bedroom make you feel?

Out of all the rooms in the entire house, the bedroom is the most important in terms of feeling calming and relaxing. Sleep has such a profound impact on health and if your bedroom is not somewhere you can relax and drift off to sleep easily, then it is negatively affecting your health. 

In order to achieve the three fundamentals of great sleep, it’s important to make the right design choices in the place where it happens, the bedroom. Firstly, it’s important to note that the bedroom is a sacred space that should be used for sleep and not much else. Making the space exclusive to sleep helps condition your brain to associate this space with relaxation. 

This is something to keep in mind when making decisions on the interior design of the bedroom. Minimising clutter and avoiding eye-catching, attention-grabbing designs or ornaments is key to creating a relaxing space. Anything that can distract your attention or provoke anxiety – ditch it!

The human body needs to feel safe in order to be completely relaxed. For a room to feel warm and like a safe sanctuary is key. A comfortable mattress and bedding is a great way of feeling safe in the bedroom and therefore having a great sleep.

Light is a natural suppressor of melatonin, which is the body’s hormone that promotes sleep. It’s crucial for the human brain to be met with darkness in order for you to have great sleep. Minimising light, both natural and artificial is crucial. Muted tones throughout the bedroom and black-out curtains are a brilliant way of ensuring a dark, sleep-friendly space – darkness is vital for cellular regeneration.

interior designer Melissa making a bed up
a reflection of a bed in a gold mirror

It’s also important to consider what the correct-sized bed is for you. Whether you sleep with a partner or alone, your muscles need the space to fully rest and rejuvenate, without expending energy on tossing and turning, or fighting for the covers!

On the note of colour, it is advised that colours that calm the nervous system are best for promoting a good night’s sleep. Neutral colour pallets are ideal for the bedroom to create a calming environment. That being said, the crux of choosing a colour pallet for your bedroom is what’s soothing to you.

To achieve a calming environment for you to sleep in, it’s important that we drown out all distractions, including noise. When building a home from scratch you have the opportunity to soundproof your bedroom as much as possible – this can be via additional insulation, double glazing or even acoustic, decorative panelling which is very popular at the moment.

It’s not all about the visuals, there are several calming scents that you can incorporate into your bedroom. Whether it’s a luxurious candle, incense or a beautiful diffuser that you choose, injecting scents such as chamomile or lavender into the bedroom is another way of ensuring a calming atmosphere and great sleep. Even without a specific scent, a good flow of fresh air and oxygen through the space will support you in the regeneration of cells that goes on throughout the night. 


Although many of the interior design choices that you make in your bedroom are personal to you, there are specific choices you can make in terms of colours, scents and fabrics that will make an impact on your wellbeing, both psychologically and physically.

Working closely with an interior designer to create a calm, safe and relaxing sanctuary is essential for great sleep.

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