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How To Budget For Your Interior Design Project

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When starting on a project with a new client, there are three things that I usually like to cement before starting on any interior design work; their personal tastes, their personalities and their budget. I strive to create spaces which are to my client’s aesthetic preferences, and reflect who they are as a person but also are within their financial limits. Achieving luxury in a home doesn’t have to cost the Earth. This blog aims to explore how to budget for your interior design project.

Products, labour, tax and shipping can quite often rack up a cost and it’s easy to get carried away when it comes to making your vision come to fruition. Having an interior designer on board is useful for so many reasons, especially when it comes to sticking to a budget.

Interior designers often come with the reputation of being costly and only for ‘the rich’. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! Skilled interior designers are on hand to work within any budget you set and the cost of labour is often counterbalanced with trade-priced products and services that they can offer – which you wouldn’t receive doing it alone. A budget is critical for the smooth running of an interior design project, but how do you do it?

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top tips for budgeting for your interior design project

start with a vision

There is no budget without knowing what you want a space to look and feel like. Having a clear vision of your end goal gives you clear direction for the journey throughout your interior design project, including, how much things might cost.

Having a vision not only enables you to make choices but also helps an interior designer when it comes to choosing products and styles. If we know how you want something to look and feel, we can help advise you and make educated choices in line with your budget.

quality is key

Take into consideration quality when designing your home – would you rather have lots of accessories, or fewer, higher quality products in your home? Spending can quickly build up and so investing in durable, high quality products may seem like a larger expense initially but will save you money in the long run.

set priorities

Knowing what you want and knowing what you need is essential when it comes to budgeting. Setting apart the two entities will help you distribute your money better in an interior design project. Understanding what you are willing to compromise when it comes to designing your home is important for the project but also for your relationship with the interior designer.

Tip: Write a list of ‘non-negotiables’. If you and your interior designer are on the same page regarding what must be factored into the project, you can budget accordingly.

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Budgeting for your interior design project is crucial for a number of reasons, but knowing how to do it can be tough! Having an interior designer on board this process can be really useful for sticking to budgets and making your dream become a reality.

The role of an interior designer ultimately is to make your vision come true. By creating a space in which you feel your true self and is within the realms of your budget, the stress of transforming your space from house to home is massively minimised.

My top tip is to know your budget before embarking on this adventure. Understanding what you are getting into and how to make it happen, alongside the guidance of a skilled designer can make this transformation an easy and beautiful experience.

how i can help…

As a holistic interior designer, I have worked on so many projects, with so many budgets, ranging from one room in a home to a whole commercial space transformation. At the crux of what I do is you and that includes your financial situation.

Before starting an interior design project, I go that one step beyond other designers and strive to form a connection with my client, taking the time to understand who they are as a whole and what their needs and goals are for their space. Budget is a huge part of an interior design project and admittedly can often put people off working with an interior designer. 

Involving an interior designer, especially one who takes your personality and needs into consideration can have a hugely beneficial impact on sticking to your budget.

If you would like a helping hand in a project and want to discuss your wants and budget with me, get in touch!

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