Hi, I’m Melissa…

I Am a British holistic interior designer, brand & web designer, world traveller & Spiritual teacher.

I believe that our journeys through life make us each truly unique, your home is a reflection of your inner world and an expression of your personality so your interior design should tell your story in a way that is authentic to who you are.

By telling you my story, I hope to inspire you to view your own life as a journey that can be expressed through the interior design of your home…

Just like you, I have experienced a long and winding road full of question marks, epiphanies and challenges to get to where I am today…

My story starts in 2010, when I found myself in my last year of studying a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Psychology had always intrigued me but it was the objective, scientific nature of the degree that I didn’t like. I am very stubborn so I refused to give up as it dawned on me that a career in Psychology would be all about statistics. I gritted my teeth for three long years, all the while I could feel my soul shrinking. When I look back now, I can see that this is because I was trying to be who I thought I should be and not being true to myself. Can you relate?

After I graduated, I set off on a 12-month trip round the world, on my own…with no phone – my poor mother! I needed to be alone to get some perspective on my life, figure out who I was and what to do next with this degree I had attained out of pride, not passion.

I spent a year having the time of my life, soaking up the culture of 25 countries across 4 different continents and I was no closer to knowing what to do with my life… but I was much closer to my overdraft. It wasn’t until I returned home and landed a job selling show homes that I finally realised… I am a Creative!!

I won the job because my background in Psychology and my friendly nature made me the perfect sales-person but my role also involved helping clients to design their dream homes. During these design specification meetings, I discovered I had a natural flair for pulling together interior design schemes that my clients loved and what’s more, I loved doing it.

Isn’t it wonderful when you discover your hidden talents?

Once the penny dropped, I understood why I had always struggled with objective science and I instantly felt better about myself. I realised I needed a creative outlet to feel happy and fulfilled, so I decided to follow my newfound passion and I enrolled in college to study interior design.

Two diplomas later, I started to search for work experience and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world when I was welcomed into an award-winning interior design studio! My work experience turned into a Design Assistant roll and my Design Assistant role turned into a Junior Designer role. I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience; it was a steep learning curve!

I worked with wealthy clients on large scale hotel and holiday home renovations as well as remodels of investment properties. The job I enjoyed the most was an eight-bedroom Georgian mansion in the Western Lake District which we transformed from a dilapidated once-family home into a luxury, large scale holiday-let and event venue. It was on this project that I really began to realise my affinity for building client relationships (thank you Psychology degree) and the client from this particular project is still a friend and mentor of mine, to this day.

tHEN, In summer of 2016, I unknowingly set off on a trip that was destined to change my life forever!

I visited a friend in Toronto and I toured around Canada for 4 weeks, my last stop was Vancouver. Well, who can visit Vancouver and NOT fall in love? It was a whirlwind romance and after only 3 days in this beautiful city, I was head over heels and I already knew that I was going to live there one day. I felt called to be there, but I didn’t know why. I look back now and realise that this was my intuition guiding me towards the next chapter of my story.

Have you ever felt that “inner knowing” and made a leap of faith Because that’s exactly what I did next.

Flash forward 12 months and not only had I left my Junior Designer role to fly solo and collaborate with a local property developer to convert an 18th Century Church Hall into four houses (no biggie), I had also manifested Canadian Permanent Resident status without having spent more than 4 weeks in Canada in my life. A true testament to what can be achieved when you harness the power of positive thinking and an understanding of the Law of Attraction!

When I arrived back in Vancouver I had no idea what was about to unfold, all I knew was that I was in the right place. After a few months, I was happy enough working with clients re-decorating and styling their downtown apartments while simultaneously working in a cute British-branded homeware and gift shop in South Granville on the side (spending most of my hard earned cash on jewellery by Michelle Ross because gorgeous, limited edition, statement jewellery is a love language of mine). Life was going okay and but I had an inkling that there was more to life than fabric swatches and jewellery… Then, I made what was hands down the best decision of my entire life!

I decided to follow my passion for yoga, and I took my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at a non-profit yoga studio in Vancouver’s dodgiest neighbourhood.

As I signed up, I knew the training was going to be life changing but I had no idea HOW impactful it would end up being on the trajectory of my life!

The training lasted 3 months and my experience was truly transformational! I healed emotional wounds I didn’t even know I had, I developed a new self-confidence and a renewed sense of purpose. As soon as I graduated, I began teaching yoga in Vancouver and quickly became a natural at holding sacred space for others. I was hooked!

I suddenly felt the drive to head back to the UK to set up my own interior design business! This feeling did not come from my mind, it came from deep within me, it was a core desire and I had to follow it. I am sure you know this feeling!

It was a hard decision to leave Vancouver but this new calling to start my business was too loud to ignore.

When I arrived home, I set up Melissa Interior Design and I started to work on large renovation projects again but after a while, something just didn’t feel right.

I started asking myself “What am I doing wrong? Why do not feel fulfilled? What is missing?” …I mulled this over for a few weeks but I did not have an answer. Then something happened that kicked my ass into action. My dearly beloved Grandmother passed away during COVID-19 lockdown, in hospital, on her own. It was heartbreaking.

This was my wake-up call!

Why was I not happy?

What was I doing with my one wild and precious life? 

It was in the pause and stillness when the world went into lockdown and my family went into grieving that I had a moment to reflect and the clarity to realise that this was actually not how I wanted to do things moving forward.

After some deep inner work, I made the connection between my spirituality, my creativity and my business.

I realised that the only thing stopping me from living with integrity was me! I was standing in my own way, stopping myself from fully stepping into my Truth and running a business that is aligned with my spirituality and core beliefs.

As I sat at home, unable to go anywhere, I, like you, started to ponder what home actually means. I realised how important it is to have a welcoming, safe and secure space to call home and I felt an innate longing to help people achieve this for themselves.

Out of necessity, I took my business online and in doing so, I ignited an idea in my mind that I could combine my experience and knowledge to offer a new-age, well-being focused interior design service that is grounded in Psychology, inspired by nature and infused with Yogic Philosophy.

I cast my mind back to during my yoga teacher training, when I learnt about yogic philosophies and principles. One of the principles that really stood out to me is called “Saucha”.

Roughly translated, this Sanskrit word means “cleanliness” or “purity” and it refers to cleanliness of body, mind, spirit and surroundings, all helping to direct us towards a pure and positive life. The idea is that a pure and clean space leads to a pure and clean mind, and vice versa. Have you ever noticed that you feel clearer headed and more productive when your space is clean and tidy? This is Saucha in its most basic form, and the reason why “Professional Declutterers” exist. I bet you never thought of tidying up as Yoga…well, it is.

I started thinking about how interior design can play a powerful role in well-being and happiness, simply by having Saucha as its core value.

I felt great relief that my time studying Psychology had not been wasted as I realised that the power of our environment to influence our wellbeing is immense and the psychology behind interior design can be harnessed to create meaningful and significant impact on our lives.

Everything was falling into place as my past experiences culminated into this new business idea and I developed Melissa Interior Design to fully encompass this core principle and I evolved my business into the unique holistic interior design experience & lifestyle blog it is today.

Now I work with clients, just like you, who are struggling with their interior decor by helping them create a cohesive home environment that feels authentic, calming and supportive so they can experience greater levels of joy and wellbeing both at home and throughout other areas of their lives.

I collaborate with my clients to uncover their story and signature style so we can translate this into their interior design and they can feel a deeper sense of connection to their home environment.

To live in the present moment, within a space that truly reflects who you are is a joyful experience and one that you can use to further bring joy and positivity throughout your whole life.

To me, this is what it means to live with integrity and it is my mission to help you achieve this holistic way of living through my person-centred approach to online interior design.

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I want you to know that…

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My mission is to combine my creativity, knowledge of Psychology and my spirituality to spread joy by helping my clients to create aligned spaces and holistic lifestyles and in doing so, together contribute towards raising the collective consciousness and positive vibrtation of the world.


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