Office Interior Design


You are a wellness brand who wants to create a dynamic and inspiring workplace that your team can’t wait to come back to after working from home for two years, but you’re not sure how.

No problem, the “how” is my speciality…

Inspire the best from your team in a holistically designed, collaborative workspace.

In the wake of the pandemic, we are left with a new perspective and a different attitude towards what it means to “go to work”.

With many of us having worked from home for the last two years, the prospect of coming back into the office seems daunting and you are left facing the issue of your staff feeling anxious and stressed about their return to the office.

But what if your Company’s workspace was a more desirable place to be than their home office?

What if you offered a comfortable, dynamic and inspiring workplace?

What if you harnessed the power of holistic interior design to create a workspace that your employees couldn’t wait to come back to?

Holistic office interior design is the key to coaxing your staff back into the workplace.

Are you Ready to elevate your office interior design so your People feel motivated, inspired and productive?

·  Are you a business owner who is sick of connecting with your team via Zoom calls and virtual hangouts?

· Are you tired of working from home because you don’t have a dedicated workspace and it drives you crazy working from the dining room table?!

·  Do you want to create an office where your people can thrive in their work, not one that they dread coming in to?



Create a calming, stylish workspace that your staff cannot wait to come back to.

The mind functions at its best when the nervous system is calm.

A calm mind is a creative mind. A calm mind can solve problems with ease. A calm mind can better relate and empathise with others. Creation of a workspace that evokes a sense of calm is a key factor in getting the best out of people in the workplace.

Holistic office interior design focuses on xyz

what will you gain from holistic office interior design?

·  Move your team (and yourself) from anxious and stressed to excited and optimistic about returning to working at the office.

·  Boost employee performance by creating an inspiring environment so you can achieve your business goals and stand out as a leader in your field.

·  Create a renowned, vibrant workplace culture that will have new candidates lining up at the door as you scale and grow your business.

·  Have a positive impact on your staff’s mental health so you they can perform at their best while feeling content and comfortable in their workspace.

· Increase brand authority and credibility by having a workplace that is algined with your Company values and brand personality.

It is possible to…

·  Mitigate the impact of returning to work after COVID on your staff’s mental health.

·  Have your staff look forward to a day at the office, not dread it and make up excuses not to come in.

·  Ensure your workplace not only looks unreal but that it also improves staff productivity, creativity and well-being.

·  Create a dynamic and inspiring workplace that is as cool as the big players like Google, Apple and Airbnb.

·  Inspire and impress your clients and visitors with your innovative approach to office interior design.

THIS IS ALL DOABLE with holistic office interior design by melissa.


Why we should work together…

·  I have a degree in Psychology and I am passionate about utilising my knowledge of the human psyche to create spaces that have a positive impact on mental health.

·  I am a yoga teacher and I combine my creative vision with knowledge acquired through training and personal practice to create spaces that are calming, grounding and nurturing.

· I have 10 years experience working in the interior design industry on a wide variety of residential and commercial projects and work closely with a specialist office fit-out company.

·  Having travelled extensively, I have worked remotely in many different co-working spaces around the world and have gathered much inspiration while working aboard in these types of environments.

·  As a brand designer, I also offer a visual branding package which will ensure that your entire organisation provides a seamless and cohesive client experience, every step of the customer journey.

“Melissa was great with us during our consultation – she gave us lots of time, thoughts and inspiration for our home. The items she suggested are beautiful and my husband and I would both recommend her.”

– Jenny Bowe, Chester, UK.

Let’s Get Started!

If you feel like holistic office interior design is for you, what are you waiting for? Get it booked in! I can’t wait to hear all about your project.

I believe that good design has the power to improve health and well-being. Each project is unique, and I am confident that together we can create a bespoke space that nourishes and supports you and your staff.