The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live.

Melissa Interior Design provides a person-centred interior design service.

At the forefront of all our designs, is your experience of the space. It is our goal to create a space that not only functions perfectly and looks impeccable but also supports your well-being.

we offer three different levels of service that will deliver your dream home interior, no matter your circumstance.


This is a full-scale, concept to completion service were we will work in collaboration with your chosen architect, builder, or contracting team to transform your space into a home that feels truly authentic to you.

As no two projects or homes are the same, your project may include selection of interior finishes, designing bespoke architectural details, sourcing fixtures and furniture, purchasing and order management, or all of the above. We understand how daunting a project transforming your home can be and use a thoughtful, streamlined process that puts our client’s experience at the forefront.


Perfect if you are looking to give your place a face lift without going through the lengthy process of a full scale renovation.

Furnish & Style projects include full furnishing and styling, as well as the cosmetic details that truly pull a space together, such as paint, light fixtures, window treatments and hardware. There will be no structural changes at this level of service however, a brand new stylish aestethic is certain.


Have you been endlessly scrolling Pinterest for inspiration, but have no clue where to start? Do you have mountains of inspiration pictures but no idea where to start? Are you unsure whether your ideas will actually look good in real life?

I can provide you with bespoke consultancy at an hourly design rate to take you from uncertain and nervous to empowered and excited. Perfect if you are redesigning yourself but require some professional guidance to help you make choices and move forward with confidence.

Interior design consultancy is available virtually, in-house or in the studio, whichever suits you best.


All services are available in-person or remotely, known as e-design. THIS is a great option for those who may be outside of the North West UK area, or those working with a smaller budget.

Keeping the same tailored approach as in-person clients, e-design gives you flexibility to implement the design plans on your own time and as your budget allows.

E-design clients are responsible for providing accurate measurements of their space, photos and videos, reflected in the budget-friendly price. This is all done via the client portal. E-Design is best suited for clients who are comfortable communicating online, ordering all items themselves from a digital shopping list and implementing the design plans on their own.

E-Design Client Testimonial

Melissa was amazing at listening and understanding what I wanted. She helped to guide me and offered an excellent virtual consultation via Zoom. She stayed within my budget and advised the best solution for my interior.

My design was delivered remotely, through the client portal and I enjoyed having the time to consider, ask questions and make changes. My experience was 10/10 and I could not ask for better. I am looking forward to working with Melissa again for my next home interior design project. I highly recommend her professional and trustworthy services – thank you Melissa!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

– Lucy St. John, Vancouver, Canada

The Design Process

Our goal is to create a space that is an authentic extension of who you truly are so every design decision is made with you in mind. No two designs are the same because we use your personal taste and style as our North star throughout our design journey together. You will be professionally supported and guided to confidently make the right decisions for your space throughout the design process.


We start with an in-depth consultation to discuss your vision and determine your needs for your space. We’ll chat through your inspiration and personal style, as well as your budget and functional needs.  For local clients, we’ll walk through your space while I take detailed measurements and capture reference photos. For e-design clients, you’ll provide me with measurements, photos and videos of your space. Don’t worry, you will be guided through exactly what to measure and how.


During this phase, I take all of the info I’ve discovered about you and your space and use that to craft your design concept. This is known as the “creative direction” for the space. Here you will be presented with a concept mood board to portray our design intent. Together we will discuss and develop these initial creative ideas of how to transform your space to achieve your goals.


Now the is concept decided on, sourcing begins! This phase is all about the details. During this time I will source/design all of the furniture, fabrics, decor, art, lighting, paint, wallpapers and window treatments to bring our vision to life. You will be presented with finish and fabric samples as well as preliminary plans and technical drawings. There may be some back and forth here, as we develop the final design and plans with which to move forward.


In this phase we wrap up the creative portion of project and it’s time to execute it in real life! My final deliverables to you will include a detailed specification document, floor plans, technical drawings and a style guide with directions for assembling your space.  For local clients, once all of your items have been delivered and assembled, I will come to personally style your space to ensure the final design is completed perfectly! 

Please Note: Purchasing, order management and installattion is available as an add-on service for clients who want a seamless, full-service experience. 

we offer services to fellow business owners: from adding the finishing touches to your space, to comprehensive interior design, branding and web design packages.


Are you a business owner who is looking to relocate or transform your existing workspace? Are you interested in how holistic interior design can boost employee performance and well-being?

It’s no secret that in the aftermath of the pandemic, peoples’ attitude towards work and their working environment has changed. With many of us having worked from home for the last two years, the prospect of coming back into the office seems daunting and you are left facing the issue of your staff feeling anxious and stressed about their return to the office.

As holistic interior designer, I am passionate about creating workspaces that elicit a sense of calm. Creation of a workspace that evokes a sense of calm is a key factor in getting the best out of people in the workplace.

Harness the power of holistic office interior design to encourage connection, boost creativity and increase revenue.


Are you a business owner looking to transform your business premises interior? Are you looking at rebranding to ensure a cohesive and coherent customer experience?

As an interior designer and brand designer, I whole heartedly believe in the power of an interior that is aligned with your branding and business goals. Whether you own a hotel, cafe, bar, salon or even a yoga studio, this is absolutely vital when creating a unique and memorable customer experience that will keep your ideal clients coming back for more!

If you want your interior space to not only be breathtaking but also be strategically aligned with your business goals to increase sales, improve employee well-being and provide a seamless customer experience then I can’t wait to hear from you. Together, we will create a space that is an extension of your brand, that elevates your business and attracts your ideal clients.


Melissa is a very talented lady with fantastic eye for detail. The new look she created for my business was amazing.

From early contact, through the design & planning details, to the finished project she was very professional. She gave me confidence that the trust I was putting in her would be reflected by the reaction of my customers when seeing the finished article. I was not disappointed.

Thank you Melissa!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

– Gary White, The Bay Horse Pub, Barrow-in-Furness

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