What Does an Interior Design Consultant Do?

You may have read my other post about the difference between an Interior Stylist and an Interior Designer. If so, I hope it taught you something and you enjoyed reading it, if you haven’t read it, you really should, it’s very informative. Here you go → What Does an Interior Designer Do?

Anyway, to add another facet to this seemingly hot topic… have you ever heard of an Interior Design Consultant? Well, you have now… but what the F is an Interior Design Consultant and how are they different to Interior Stylists and Interior Designers?!

Interior Designer Collaboration

Before we get into that, let me paint you a little picture.

Just like everyone has a different flavour of ice cream, everyone has a different design style and everyone has a preferred way of working on their interior design project.

Client #1 wants the whole designer shebang with bells and whistles on, custom drapery, bespoke cabinetry, the lot – “I don’t want to have to lift a finger dahhhling, I couldn’t possibly… your cheque’s in the mail. Let me know when you’re done.”

Client #2 wants to remain in the metaphorical drivers seat with a very vocal back seat driver (me) guiding them along their D.I.Y. design journey, filling in the gaps with itemised shopping lists and letting them know when they’re off track or when they’re about to drive off a cliff by painting their living room wall lime green! OMG, please just STOP!

Client #3 merely needs a little inspiration, encouragement and a few fresh ideas to get them started and off they go on their merry way to their impending interior design project bliss a.k.a. a Sunday afternoon spent at Loaf, sitting on every sofa, twice…okay three times.

So with our diverse plethora of indivdual needs, how lucky are we that we live in the era of opportunity where everything is just a click away, instant gratification is the norm and online interior consultants are actually a thing?! In my humble opinion, we are very lucky indeed. 

In case you hadn’t guessed it, Interior Design Consultants check the box of our handy dandy, passion project Client #3. So are you, or are you not, Client #3?

If you relish the idea of spending your Sunday morning painting varying shades of Farrow & Ball whites onto mount board and getting your other half to hold them up at different times of day in each corner of the room no less than a dozen times each before you make your decision, or you get giddy at the thought of a trip to Fired Earth to swoon over tiles for your kitchen backsplash on a Saturday afternoon BUT you can’t make up your mind, you’re not confident with colour, you don’t know how to mix pattern and texture… then you guessed it, Interior Consultantcy is for you honey!

Interior Designer working on laptop

Do I have your attention now? Good, Let me elaborate… 

It is possible for you to have professional designer advice that will guide you towards confidently making the right choices for your wonderfully exciting and creative project. It is possible to be steered in the right direction by someone with years of experience and a trained eye for design. It is possible to become your own designer…and it is all doable from the comfort of your own living room. I mean, what better place to show me your 25 Farrow & Ball white sample cards and the 17 Loaf swatches that you stealthily stuffed in your pockets when the sales person wasn’t looking?! (F.Y.I. they were looking and they deffo saw you!)

Well it just so happens that I cater for Clients 1,2 and 3… look how that worked out!

I offer room design experiences called “Designer Exclusive” and “D.I.Y. Design” (no prizes for guessing which is for whom) that provide different levels of service at different price points for different needs…because we are all wonderfully diverse and different (how 2021 of me). If either of these sounds like your bag, you can check them out here BUT… what I want to focus on in this instance, is the design consultation service I provide, especailly for our ever-optimisitc, Elle Decoration obsessed, “Should I buy this plant?” Client #3 (a.k.a. you).

I offer an interior design consultation service called “Design that Aligns” that will ensure you are in the perfect position moving forward to align your intentions, vision and ultimately your space with your Signature Style.

For those do you who have not completed my Free Design Style Quiz & Signature Style Workbook, your Signature Style is a combination of your design style, your personal style and your lifestyle. This is because unlike most interior designers, when I use the term “siganture style” I am referring to your style, not mine.

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