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5 Ways Plants Improve A Space

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Wanting to be immersed in nature when we’re in our homes is an innate drive of human beings defined by the phenomenon – Biophilia. So many of us incorporate houseplants into the design of our homes – many of us just because we like the look of them. There are so many ways in which plants can improve your home, not just aesthetically. This blog aims to offer 5 ways plants improve a space.

Looking beyond the aesthetic appeal of plants and delving into ways in which they can benefit our wellbeing is yet another reason why we should inject greenery into our rooms. The relationship between interior design and personal wellbeing is rooted at the centre of my work. Plants, and nature as a whole, play a huge role in fusing the two worlds together.

It is no wonder a large conifer tree becomes a centrepiece in many homes to ignite feelings of festivities and joy throughout Christmas time. Nature can play a huge role in how we think, feel, and interact. But how exactly can plants improve a space?

ways in which plants can improve our spaces

Veering away from the obvious aesthetic beauty of incorporating nature into our homes, plants offer many benefits to our spaces – here are 5 of them!

 1. improving mental health

Thanks to the study of biophilia, more and more people are now understanding the benefits that being intertwined with nature can have on human beings. Biophilic interior design then goes that one step further to explore how introducing nature into your interior design choices can cause great advantages to our physical and emotional wellbeing.

By incorporating plants into the design of our spaces, we can experience a huge boost in our mental health. Adding greenery into our homes has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and mental fatigue due to the connection our brains make to the outdoors.

a view of the window with white frame and cream roman blinds

2. boost productivity

Whether you work from home or not, there are so many design choices you can control in order to boost productivity and motivate you at work. One of them is the incorporation of plants in your workspace. By decreasing fatigue and increasing focus, plants can hugely aid productivity and elongate attention span.

3. keeping air cleaner

Plants are the most natural filter. By cleansing the air around you, plants can be held responsible for you feeling healthier and therefore happier in your own home. By absorbing the carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen, plants can cleanse our surroundings which in turn has a beneficial effect on a human’s physical and therefore mental wellness.

 4. providing a sense of accomplishment

Maintaining the health of a plant and being responsible for its life is no mean feat! Plants within our homes and spaces often provide people with a sense of responsibility which comes with a sense of accomplishment. 

Not only the accomplishment of keeping it alive, but the small successes we feel when we see a new flower bloom or a new leaf form. Experiencing a plant thriving can cause you to do the same!

5. promote rest and sleep

Don’t just stick your plants in your home office! Plants also have a direct impact on the way humans sleep and feel rested. By releasing oxygen, offering therapeutic care and encouraging healing, all without us noticing – plants have the power of allowing us to feel more well-rested and less fatigued.

a close up of a kitchen interior with a plant and a large wall lamp


Rooted in my knowledge of biophilic design and neuroaesthetics, I’m passionate about the effects that nature has on our wellbeing, especially when brought inside the home.

By incorporating plants – whatever type is up to you – into our spaces, we are able to feel the benefits it causes to not only our physical makeup but our psychological and physiological functions too. Plants improve our spaces, of course by making them look nicer but by improving the way we interact with those spaces and the way we feel in them.

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With my work rooted heavily in the effects that design choices have on human beings, I focus my projects on not only the aesthetic side of interior design but also acknowledge how improving a space can improve you. 

By working in the practices of holistic interior design and biophilic interior design, I encourage my clients to incorporate nature into their homes, due to the undeniable impacts it has on their mental health and wellbeing. 

If you want to talk to me about how you can use plants to improve your space – let’s start a project together!

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