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Christmas Tree Design Tips

hands decorating Christmas tree

It’s officially that time, get into the lofts and get the decorations out! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I love how you can completely transform your home during the festive period when it comes to decorating and design choices. This blog entry focuses on the Christmas tree and offers my top tips when it comes to decorating the tree this Christmas.

Christmas trees often become the centrepiece of the home around this time of year, however achieving a stylish yet festive look and feel is no mean feat!

So many people are torn every year with the most common battle – real vs fake. Whilst many homes opt for the traditional, fresh Christmas tree, many also turn for its plastic equivalent – either one you choose, you can make your home look beautiful and festive with a wonderfully decorated tree.

I will say one thing – if artificial is your chosen route, invest! These trees can last years if properly cared for and crafted from sturdy and reliable materials. Whatever style of tree it is that you choose; pre-lit, slim etc, the durability of the tree is essential for achieving the look of luxury and avoiding those patchy and sparse branches.

my top tips for christmas tree decorating

To achieve the look of luxury this Christmas, you can design your Christmas tree and get your home looking like a scene from ‘Home Alone’ in no time!

 1. design around a theme

What does Christmas look like to you? Reds and Golds, blue twinkly lights or rustic, wooden decorations. Whatever theme you go for, stick to it! Avoiding chaos on your Christmas trees like clashing colours and a mess of flashing multicoloured lights is essential to achieve a stylish yet seasonal look.

Want to know more about the trending Christmas themes of 2022 – check it out here.

christmas stockings

2. cluster your baubles

A trick that has taken TikTok by storm! Many are forming clusters of baubles using pipe cleaners to create a more balanced, aesthetically pleasing Christmas tree. Clustering baubles in sets of three and adding them to your tree in a ‘Z’ formation is a brilliant way of achieving symmetry and a more sophisticated look.

3. contrast textures

Whatever the theme and colour palette you opt for, try and introduce different textures to your tree. Contrast the natural edge of the branches with delicate glass baubles or pair the twinkly lights with soft velvet ribbon. Contrasting texturing gives the illusion of added depth and allows your centrepiece to really offer an impact.

4. include a tree skirt

In my opinion, there is nothing more off-putting than the thin, flimsy looking bars that hold up your now beautifully decorated tree. Although this step is often overlooked, a Christmas tree skirt can be the final touch on your beautiful masterpiece. Staying on theme, a tree skirt can act as a perfect backdrop to the wrapped presents under the tree.

other design tips for christmas

Sure, the Christmas tree really is the centrepiece of any festive decor within our hormones, but that doesn’t call for the abandonment of other decor pieces!

Whether you are a minimalist or like to go all out when it comes to Christmas, there are changes you can make to the decor and design of your home to give it that cosy, seasonal feel.

 1. replacing pictures or ornaments 

Many homes during the Christmas period tend to make small changes throughout to achieve that festive feel. Small changes like swapping a vase of flowers for a poinsettia, adding a sleigh ornament to the coffee table or decorating the front door with fairy lights are all ways in which you can use design choices to make your home feel extra Christmassy!

2. christmas scents

Gingerbread, fir and pine or spiced orange and cranberry, adding those warm and welcoming scents throughout your home is a key way of spreading Christmas cheer this month.

christmas scents


The Christmas tree is the centrepiece of your home this festive period, but the fun most certainly doesn’t stop there! Making small changes to the design of your home this year by adding scents, colour schemes and decor can really level up your Christmas game.

Warning: everyone may want to spend Christmas Day in your beautiful home if you follow these top tips!

how can i help?

My designs are all about how people feel! The same goes for Christmas! For many, Christmas means family, love, and lots of food! If you want to discuss ways in which you can design your Christmas tree and the rest of your home to make it a place Santa never wants to leave – call me!

Merry Christmas x


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