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Human Design Part Two

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In Part One of this collection, I took a deep dive into human interior design and what it means to make human centred design choices within the home. In Part Two of this collection, we’re dropping the ‘interior’. I know what you’re thinking, but I’m reading the blog of an interior designer!

In order for us to truly understand how to make the right interior design choices for ourselves, we need to really understand ourselves. This part of the human orientated collection focuses on human design.

what is human design?

When we drop the word ‘interior’ and look primarily at human design, we mean exactly that! Get out of the home and look within!

Human design refers to the roadmap our body offers to us in order to truly understand who we are and who we can be. By combining philosophy and astrology, human design centres personality types around energies and how we as humans exchange our energies with the world.

The concept of human design comes from its founder and messenger, Ra Ura Hu in the late 80s. After encountering an ‘unusual mystical experience’, Ra began to write his book Rave l’Ching which we now rely on to provide us with the knowledge surrounding human design and unlocking the code to our genetics.

In the decades since Ra made his discoveries, human design is something that has grown in popularity and has begun to affect everything we choose to influence, including the interior design of our homes!

Understanding human design – often referred to as the science of differentiation, allows us as humans to deeper understand ourselves, and in turn, one another.


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energy types

When looking into human design, and concluding on your own personal human design chart, all you need is your birth date, birth time and birth location. The first step in the human design chart revolves around finding your energy type. 

There are 5 distinct energy types in human design:



This energy type makes up less than 10% of the world’s population. Also referred to as the ‘fire starters’, Manifestors tend to operate through deep bursts of energy met with deep rest. Manifestors usually have an energetic aura and a presence felt by everybody surrounding them. They are the initiators in life, those who strive to be the catalyst for change.


Making up approximately 30% of the population are Generators. Also known as the ‘life force’. Generators are workers and spend their lives responding. Generators gain their energy by doing things that light them up, responding to gaps and inequities and establishing ways to propel forwards in a way that ignites them.

manifesting generators

The multi-hyphenate. A hybrid between a manifesto and a Generator. The people with this energy type adopt a ‘jack of all trades’ type of personality. Sensing areas of improvement (like a Generator) and using their strong energy to propel them forward and make a change (like a Manifestor). Generators are inspired by what brings them light, what brings a Manifesting Generator light is having the power to create change and aid evolution.

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Making up around 20% of the world, and offering wisdom and guidance to the rest of the population, Projectors are also referred to as the seer. Projectors are helpers. Their energy aims to connect with others on a deeper level and help and nurture those energies which surround them by offering advice.


The rarest of the energy types, making up less than 1% of our Earth’s population. Reflectors do not rely on their own consistent or reliable energy but instead reflect the energy of their environment. Like a sponge, Reflectors are also known as shapeshifters, adapting to fit in with the energy at surrounds them.

digging deeper into human design

There’s more to human design than just what energy type you adopt. Understanding the way in which our energies flow can offer us clarity on how to best use our energies to find personal alignment and seek fulfilment within our lives.

Our energy type advises us on our authority and our strategy which in turn affects how we navigate life and make decisions.

Our human design, incorporating our energy types, our authorities and our strategies make up how we live. Having a deeper understanding of who we are and how we make our decisions and behave is essential when it comes to making changes to our lives, and our homes.


After exploring Part One of this collection, and how we make specific interior design choices based on the person we are, this further exploration of human design has allowed us to take the appropriate steps to find our true and deeper selves.

Understanding our human design, the energy we are and what we attract, are all key when it comes to making interior design choices to reflect us as individuals.


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