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Luxury Interior Design Tips

Luxury is something we all strive for in our homes. Sure, what one person deems ‘luxurious’ when it comes to interior design can be completely different to the next. However, there are certain tips for making your homes look and feel luxurious. Here, I share my top luxury interior design tips.

how can an interior designer help make your home luxurious?

Let me start by outlining what it is we actually do.

An interior designer is the creative visionary for the space…architects know the technical side, we know the creative side. Don’t get me wrong, I am not belittling what architects do, hell, I couldn’t do it… but I am saying that having JUST an architect at the beginning stages, could potentially cost you more money than if you just hired an interior designer at the same time.

This is especially the case if you are hoping to achieve a luxurious look and feel. Having an interior designer involved in the process, specifically a high-end designer like myself, means that we look beyond the practicalities, and instead focus on adding luxury touches to your home.

Focusing on elements of the home that prioritise comfort, quality and sophistication in their details, is how an interior designer achieves luxury.

luxury interior design tips

1. lose the clutter

“Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.” – Barbara Hemphill.

Luxury interior design speaks for itself. There is no need to over accessorise or cram too much into the space.

The design needs space to be appreciated and like in any field of art or design, negative space has a huge role to play.

Imagine, you just spent £3K on a new sideboard… are you going to cover that in trinkets and ornaments or are you going to give it the room to shine and radiate it’s luxuriousness throughout the space? Obviously you want it to be appreciated in all its glory!

This is not to say that there should be no accessories in the space. Accessorising gives the space a personality, but striking the right balance between a sprinkle of personality and trinket overload is crucial.

large mirror over sideboard - luxury design
close up image of luxurious curtains

2. borders, trims and piping…like, everywhere

“The details are not the details. They make the design.” – Charles Eames

They say the devil is in the detail. Well, the devil wears Prada, sooo… they are obvs one stylish mofo.

Adding a little finer detail, such as a border around the room in your flooring, a trim to your cushions or piping to the seams of your bespoke armchair, will instantly elevate the vibe.

Luxury interior design is all about the thoughtful, refined details like this, that your average homeowner/designer would not think about. Adding this layer of detail creates contrast on a subtle level.

3. simplicity

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci.

We have all heard the phrase “less is more” and no doubt this rings true in interior design as much as any other discipline.

A key to luxury interior design is opting for fewer pieces that are of a higher quality. When you do this, the high-quality finishes on the items you have in your home will speak for themselves and there is no need to add to it.

How do you achieve this yourself? Here are a few “dos and don’ts” from me:

DO add contrast: good design relies on contrast to stand out in an elegant and subtle way. Whether it is a contrast in texture, colour, shape, or pattern… adding contrast to a design is like adding harmony to a song.

DON’T fill in the blanks: Space is important in design, it allows a place for the eye to rest between vignettes and stops the zones from merging into one.

image of simplistic hallway
image of large format tiles surrounding basin area

4. large formats

Leading on from the above point surrounding simplicity, using the largest format tiles is another way of adding a luxurious finish to your home.

Larger format tiles elevate the design for two reasons:

1. Fewer grout lines = more simple = more refined.

2. One pattern/book matched makes for a more natural-looking surface.

Larger formats are the easiest way to achieve this much needed simplicity throughout your home.

5. organic shapes

Clean straight lines, as alluring as they may seem from a design perspective, are not found in nature and do not send calming signals to your nervous system.

In fact, these shapes often do the opposite of creating a luxurious feel to the home, and instead can make the space look clinical and unwelcoming.

Opting for more organic shapes and softer lines can make the space feel more comforting and of course, more luxurious.

The same can be said for colours. Choosing a more natural colour palette for the space can make your home feel more luxurious and inviting.

image of luxury vases


Achieving luxury within our homes is simple if we follow these tips! Working on creating a luxurious environment that is inviting for both you and your house guests is a job for both you and your interior designer.

Better understanding your surroundings and how to make certain changes within your home can help you achieve luxury.

The look and feel of your home can have a direct impact on your psychological makeup. So let’s make it luxurious and sophisticated!

how i can help…

If you are interested in creating luxury interior design throughout your home or have a specific project in mind, check out my services page and explore how we can work together.

Alternatively, give me a call!

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