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Making Your Home Clutter Free

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Albeit easier said than done sometimes, the key to a sophisticated and luxurious home is minimising clutter! I’ll admit, sometimes, busy, functioning homes fall victim to clutter, however, this blog aims to offer some top tips on making your home clutter free.

Tidy space, tidy mind is no false statement. The more we minimise clutter and make our homes tidy and airy, the more our mental state thanks us for it. When a room is filled with clutter it can be overwhelming, people often experience stress and a lack of productivity in spaces that are filled with clutter. Not only does it look nicer and give the feel of luxury to your home, but it also offers many benefits to your mental wellbeing.

If you’ve read more of my blog, or know of the work I do, you will be no stranger to the concept of holistic interior design in which the way we design our homes and the way we feel as humans are so inexplicably intertwined. This is why I feel so passionately about the importance of decreasing the clutter in our homes – it is such a simple way of improving our ever-important emotional and mental health.

how to make your home clutter free

Firstly, making your home clutter free isn’t just about organising and savagely throwing things out, becoming clutter free is a journey that starts from within. As I’ve said, it is so easy for a home to become cluttered and for life to get in the way of the ‘show house’ look we would all love, but with that being said, if we adapt our mindset to embrace the ‘clutter free’, the habit will fall into place.

“Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor – it’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living” – Peter Walsh.

Ultimately, your home should be your sanctuary, your haven. It is no surprise that our homes have such an impact and the way we function, so let’s turn the table! Changing your mind to a clutter free zone will eventually become apparent in your home. But how do we do this?

a home interior showing billowing curtains and a cream marble coffee table with books on it
interior aesthetic shot of coffee table books and vases

1. believe you can

Whether the house has been cluttered for several years, you have convinced yourself that everything holds value or you simply don’t want to face the task, so many of us push decluttering to the bottom of our to-do lists.

As with so many challenges, we have to convince ourselves we can do it. Decluttering your home and minimising mess is entirely possible if you put your best foot forward and convince yourself that you can do it – because you can!

 2. implement habits

Once you’re over the starting line – don’t stop. Managing clutter isn’t a huge one-off task but in fact a habit. Whether you vow to clean the kitchen after every meal, organise your desk every Sunday evening or add ‘tidying the playroom’ to your child’s list of chores, minimising clutter in your home is in fact a habit.

The more you engage in this habit, the more you will find things you don’t need – if those 10 notebooks on your desk haven’t been touched in the last 5 Sundays, get rid! If your children never touch a specific toy in their weekly tidy-up – off to the charity shop you go.

a close up of a kitchen interior with a plant and a large wall lamp
a rustic side cabinet and comfortable lounge chair

3. realise that life is about experiences

Raise your hand if you have a junk drawer filled with ‘just in case’ receipts, un-written postcards and train tickets you keep as a ‘souvenir’. Don’t underestimate the power of a junk drawer, almost every home has one and when nobody can get their hands on a pen, it comes in handy!

However, we as humans often collect memoirs and trinkets that lose their sentimental value. Appreciating that life is instead about experiences and not ‘things’ will not only make for a beautiful outlook on life but will stop the junk drawer from growing!


Minimising clutter in our homes is not only responsible for the look of luxury and sophistication but also for the way we function. Making your home clutter free goes beyond getting rid of ‘stuff’ and instead focuses more heavily on a clutter-free environment that affects our minds.

My top tips for making your home clutter free don’t include “stop hoarding”, “throw things away” or “take regular trips to the charity shop” but instead highlight how if we change our mindset and start habits that minimise clutter, the way our home looks will fall into place

how can i help?

The simple answer is, by putting you first. “Clutter” means something different to us all. I appreciate that some things in our homes can be tough to let go of, and it is difficult when a space is cluttered to see a way out of the mess – I’m here to offer that helping hand.

An interior designer, especially one that follows the practice of holistic interior design cares about how a space looks and how it makes you feel, we can see past your clutter. If you would like to work on ways to minimise your clutter together, why not give me a call?


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