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What To Expect From An Interior Designer

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Hiring an interior designer can be one of the best decisions you make when it comes to saving time and money in building your dream home. Somebody who puts you first in the decision-making and helps create a space that reflects who you are is key to creating a functional, and aesthetically beautiful home.

But what can you expect from an interior designer? The role of an interior designer is more than what many may think, they need to learn a lot about you in order to help you create a home that reflects your personality. This blog aims to delve deeper into what to expect from an interior designer.

the role of an interior designer

The role of an interior designer is to turn a space into a sanctuary. Working alongside the clients to make design choices that reflect the clients’ personalities and make them feel at home. In order to turn a house into a home, it’s often that an interior designer develops personal connections with their clients in order to truly understand them and be able to make educated design decisions.

what to expect when hiring an interior designer

There are several things to expect from an interior designer, some of which might not necessarily spring to mind initially. It’s important for both the interior designer and client to be on the same page and be prepared for the process so that they can ensure mutual understanding and the flourishing of an important relationship.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important things to expect from an interior designer.

embracing vulnerability

Firstly, it’s important to note that hiring an interior designer to help you embark on a home-transforming journey is rewarding, but can also be a vulnerable undertaking. Inviting a stranger into your space to analyse you and your style can be quite daunting! 

Knowing that an interior designer not only assesses the space, but you as a person and your tastes is a brilliant preparation to take into consideration.

When allowing an interior designer into your home and life, vulnerabilities such as your emotions, experiences and current situations regarding life and financial status come to light. Being particular about who you choose to be a part of this process is essential so that you feel respected and nurtured in the process of building your safe space.

For us as designers to do our job and provide you with an all-around service, it’s important that we get to know you as well as your space. I appreciate that embracing vulnerability is something that people may look beyond when thinking of designing a home and so delivering my services with transparency and putting you first is my initial aim when working with any client.

image of Melissa with mug
Melissa looking at interior design plans

handing over control

Having an interior designer involved in the process of creating your sanctuary means handing over control of a lot of elements. Interior designers are responsible for creating atmospheres with colour and lighting, as well as looking at the finer details, even down to the nitty gritty thing such as room scents and furniture placement.

However, this isn’t to say that you don’t get a say, in fact, working with the right interior designer for you should mean you get the final say. An interior designer should work around you and your wants and needs when it comes to your home.

An interior designer is up to date on how to design your home so you can get the best out of your space. It’s only right that incorporating someone with this knowledge and expertise means loosening the reigns a little bit but working alongside an interior designer can result in so many advantages for you and your home.

communication is key

For all of your plans to come to fruition, it’s absolutely vital that you communicate with your interior designer and vice versa. Working with the right designer for you and making executive decisions together is the key to a harmonious relationship.

Interior designers work alongside you to make choices dependent on your brief, budget and personal tastes. They need to know all these things before getting going! Being honest and transparent with an interior designer about what it is you would like to achieve within the space, helps them to further understand you and the project they are involved with.

This also works exactly the same the other way, an interior designer should openly communicate with you about plans, requirements and advice in order for the final result to be something both the client and interior designer are proud of.

shot of Melissa interior designer smiling
interior designer Melissa stood next to a table

what to expect from me

As an interior designer who specialises in holistic interior design, my goal is to create meaningful relationships with my clients and work with them to create a sanctuary that enriches their souls. My passion for health and wellbeing, fused with my love for all things creative has led me to focus my efforts on creating spaces that balance energy, soothe the nervous system and feed the soul.

I follow five core values in my work and aim to make all my clients’ dreams become a reality. An understanding of the person my client really is helps me to form a deeper connection and angle my efforts into creating a sanctuary in which they belong.

My hope is that I can provide something of value for you that will have a positive impact on your life.


Enlisting an interior designer to help you build your sanctuary, comes with many benefits. That being said, there are things to consider when opening up your home to another person. Knowing what to expect from a relationship with an interior designer helps both you and them to prepare for an amazing and rewarding journey together in creating your dream home.

how i can help…

If you are interested in starting a project with an interior designer that puts you first and delivers work with transparency and integrity, give me a call!

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I offer a friendly, high-end holistic interior design experience for my clients so they can feel supported and guided towards interior design that takes them out of their comfort zone yet still reflects their personal style, fulfils their needs and improves their well-being.

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