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What Is Human Interior Design? Part One

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The way in which we design our homes, and our psyche and wellbeing are intrinsically synced. After spending much of my life exploring both human psychology, and the creative elements of design, I have become more aware of how closely the two entities link. Now, in every space I design, I believe in the profound power it holds to influence your mental and physical health.

In this collection of blogs surrounding ‘human interior design,’ we aim to delve into what human interior design is, where it has come from and how to make human-orientated design choices in your home. Make sure to follow up on this blog with Part Two, where I will delve further into the notion of ‘human design’ and its origins and effects.

This part, however, focuses more heavily on person-centred interior design choices that you can make within your homes.

human interior design

Designing a space to our liking goes further than the aesthetic appeal of the space. How we choose to design our homes allows us to make sense of ourselves, to delve deeper into who we are and how we want to feel.

Interior design has previously gathered a reputation of being something that only the rich and famous invest in. Those who want to inject luxury into their homes and position themselves as elite. 

Whether it be thanks to social media’s surge of interior trends or more modern design options, interior design has now become much more popular – and thank goodness! Although it may not be necessarily widely known news, interior design has a direct impact on the way you think and feel and so investing in a human-centred interior designer when planning your home, of course, will help the space look aesthetically pleasing, but will also nurture your wellbeing.

Human interior design goes further than aesthetic considerations and instead focuses on the person’s functional needs.

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the architecture of happiness

Philosopher, Alain De Botton explores this notion of design and its link with the human psyche in his book ‘The Architecture Of Happiness’. 

“One of the great, but often unmentioned, causes of both happiness and misery is the quality of our environment: the kind of walls, chairs, buildings and streets were surrounded by… It amounts to a tour through the philosophy and psychology of architecture, which aims to change the way we think about our homes, streets and ourselves.”

Understanding this notion that the space around us can become somewhat responsible for our happiness, or how we cognitively function, can help us make design choices that create our own happiness!

human interior design for you

Many people adopt design elements that they have noticed in extravagant hotels or luxury trips away. Although replicating these spaces can create a sense of luxury and sophistication in your home, they may not reflect who you are.

Choosing colours, furniture styles and even scents that are personal to you and have a direct effect on your psychological makeup is what’s most important when looking at human interior design – and this doesn’t necessarily mean extravagance for everybody.

Taking control of what the function of each room is within your home – the bedroom for sleep, the home office for productivity, can help you ignite certain feelings within each room.

Our homes are where we should feel at peace, and understand who we are and where we belong. Understanding our emotions, cognitions and even the state of our physical health can enable us to make design choices that nurture us.

Interior designer Melissa adding final touches


The key question to ask when working in human interior design is – does this design choice work for the person who uses the space?

Putting people at the heart of interior design can enable us to navigate how people’s homes make them feel. Interior design is so much more than how things ‘appear’ – in this modern world, we all have a perception of what is aesthetically pleasing. However, when it comes to human interior design, we break out of this mould and instead look at design choices that will enable the person’s wellbeing to flourish.


how i can help…

With my experience in both Psychology and interior design, I fuse the two topics together when making my design choices. 

My designs consider the impact interior decoration can have on your well-being and I harness the power of human interior design to balance your energy, calm your nervous system and feed your soul.

My passion for health and wellbeing, met with my love of interior design helps me let go of the superficial structures surrounding interior design and really dig deep into how spaces make people feel beyond the aesthetics.

If you are interested in starting a project with a designer who cares about you and meets your needs, let me know!

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Every space I design, I believe in the profound power it holds to influence your mental and physical health.

I believe in thinking differently about interior design.

I design spaces differently by drawing on knowledge I gained while completing a BSc Hons Degree in Psychology and yoga teacher training. I then blend this with my natural creativity and eye for design.

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